The University Library System (SiBA) has its own rules and governing and scientific coordinating bodies. SiBA is composed of organisational and management structures.

The governing and scientific coordinating bodies of SiBA are:

  • the president of the University Library System: Professor Cesare Zizza.
  • the University library commission (CBA): made up of the President, the presidents of the Library scientific councils (Consiglio scientifico bibliotecario) , the sector Manager (dirigente di area) of the libraries, two student representatives and a PHD representative.
  • the five Library scientific commissions define the purchase and collections policies concerning the various disciplinary areas.
    • Library scientific commission 1: Chemistry, Pharmacy and Physics;
    • Library scientific commission 2: Biology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Earth and Environmental Sciences
    • Library scientific commission 3: Medicine
    • Library scientific commission 4: Humanistic studies
    • Library scientific commission 5: Economics, Law and Social and Political Science.

The SiBA belongs to the cultural assets sector and is organized into three services:

  • Library Service
  • Digital Library service

There are nine libraries belonging to SiBA:


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