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What is it

It is an online bibliographic information and assistance service, provided by the Library System of the University of Pavia.

What it offers

The possibility to search in the FAQ (click here) and to send general questions of the library field, related to the accessibility of facilities and services (timetables, reservations, etc …) or questions of a bibliographic nature (indications on research strategies and sources to be consulted, etc …), to which our subject librarians will respond within three working days (go to the form). for complex questions and articulated research, which involve the use of more specialized resources, it is advisable to contact the centralized bibliographic assistance service, which can be contacted by writing to

Who is it for

To the internal users of the University of Pavia: students, teachers, researchers, collaborators and technical and administrative staff.
To external users who need to obtain information about collections, services and accessibility.


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