Borrowing and consultation services are available to all students registered in the University Library system (SIBA).

The enrolment occurs simutaneously for all System libraries.


Consultation is permitted for all library material, apart for exceptions determined by an individual library.


Loan service is granted to all library users in accordance with the assigned profile. Each library decides the kind of material that cannot be borrowed or that is available only on short-term loan (2 days).

Internal users

UniPV staff – 45 items for 90 days,  of which a maximum of 40 from the same library.  Four 90-day renewals  allowed for each item.

UniPV students – 15 items for 30 days, of which a maximum of 10 from the same library. Two 30-day renewals are allowed for each item.

External users

Visiting lecturers – 15 items for 30 days, the same as for University students.

Other users – 3 items for 30 days, only one of which from the same library. Two 30-day renewals are allowed for each item.

Material can be renewed directly at the library or by using the Fluxus personal profile beginning 5 days before the due date. Short-term loans cannot be renewed.

If an item is not available, it can be reserved online using Open Web.


All SIBA libraries use fluxus software for online loan service. To access one’s own Fluxus personal profile it is necessary to type the username and password in the called “OpenWeb users area” window shown on this page and on the homepage of this site.


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