Bibliographic management programs are tools that allow you to create and manage a collection of bibliographic references in a highly organized and above all automatic way. The advantage of these tools is that they allow those who use them to obtain an optimal bibliography, eliminating the long processing and rewriting times of the references noted down during the course of study. The main functions of bibliographic management programs are:

1. automatic import of bibliographic references from databases and online catalogues,
2. the organization of the collected references, with the possibility of specific searches according to different criteria,
3. the export and formatting of references for the creation of a bibliography, a set of notes or a citation,
4. sharing,
5. interoperability with the main writing programs.


There are numerous bibliographic management software on the market (some even open source), but the choice of the University of Pavia was to provide its academic community with a stable, complete and continuously implemented tool through new features, particularly useful to authors of scientific contributions. Access can take place from all workstations inside the University, but must instead be done via Proxybib from all external workstations

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