Many of the University of Pavia library databases, electronic journals, full-text articles and reference sources are available from off-campus.

Off-campus access is limited to currently enrolled UniPV students and current UniPV faculty and staff.


This service requires a browser configuration. When users access an electronic resource from off campus they will be prompted to logon using their username (Italian personal identification number, in capital letters) and password (in capital letters) for University services (e.g. the one used to connect to the WI-FI network).

How to configure your browser

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The University of Pavia belongs to the IDEM service (IDEntity Management for federated access) managed by GARR, the leading Italian Federation of Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (AAI). The membership in IDEM gives the final users the benefit of using only a single password to access all the available resources through the Federation, simplifying access procedures that become fully independent of where the user is located.

Instructions for use:

Login to the website of the online resource using your own UNIPV credentials for the Institutional Login  (for network enter: IDEM Garr Italy; for institution: Università degli studi di Pavia).

The service requires no browser modifications and is active only for a few electronic resources.

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