Plagiarism detection service

The Service helps PROFESSORS AND DOCTORATES to detect and prevent plagiarism and provides tools to compare texts with a multitude of web pages, publications and file shared by users.

The service also helps STUDENTS compose their papers properly through an appropriate awareness and information campaign hold by the University Library System.



Professors and students can access COMPILATIO online platform using two different interfaces and different functionalities:

 Professors interface – MAGISTER

MagisterButtonAccediI forgot my password


new Students’ section – How to obtain your credentials (new procedure, version #5)

Detailed instructions for using the platform

  • On the Compilatio home page, click on the box with “Are you students?”, followed by “Try out Compilatio’s Studium”.
  • Create the account by filling in your data; your institutional e-mail address must be used, together with a personal password. Finally, click on “Register now”.
  • Wait for a confirmation e-mail.
  • As soon as you receive it, you will be able to access your account.
  • In order to use the free credits provided by the University, click on “Buy credits” in the top right corner of the page, then on “Sponsored by your establishment” in the middle of the page. At this point you can type in the required sponsorship code.

Those who have already used the Studium Compilatio service, by entering the code we sent on March 17, 2022, and have not used up all the available credits, before activating the new promotional code can still  use the active account until it runs out.

Those who access the Studium Compilatio service for the first time or have to renew their account because no more credits are available, must request the new code writing to

Please note that the promotional code associated to the newly-created account allows each student of the University of Pavia a free 40-page analysis (with 1 page containing 250 words or less), lasting for the whole year of the contract validity (until the end of August).

Further credits can be purchased by the students, according to Compilatio’s price lists: the credits thus purchased will last for a year starting from their activation date.

For any problem or request for assistance please contact


Digital Library Service – “Beni Culturali” Area

Giuseppina Cristina Locatelli – (Referent) – Tel. 0382-984890


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